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The Touching the Stillness podcast, with Rev. Paulette Pipe is unlike anything you may have experienced before. With serving-sized tips, tools, and teachings, Touching the Stillness makes meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual practice accessible, engaging, and relevant—particularly for those who have tried but failed to stick to a consistent daily practice of their own.

At the cornerstone of each episode are compelling guided meditations, most of which are led by Paulette using her distinctive soothing and mesmerizing voice to gently draw listeners to a bliss-spot of stillness within. It’s also the place where a variety of mindfulness techniques are explored and demonstrated, to create present-moment breathing space.

You’ll also hear episode-themed songs, get motivated by inspiring guests, be captivated and moved by the meditation music, and you may even get chills from the energizing affirmative prayers spoken so powerfully that they raise the roof!

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Touching the Stillness was previously featured on the Unity Online Radio network for almost ten years. Click here to access the entire archived library of podcasts.

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