Getting Started with Meditation

Where and When to Meditate

Any time can be a meditative moment – it’s all about awareness and intention.

  • It’s better to have a short meditation practice than no meditation practice at all. Find a time that works and stick with it – consistency is the key.

  • Start gently. If new to meditating engaging in too long an initial stretch may put you off from keeping up with a practice. Start out with small increments of time, say five minutes, and increase it as you get used to being still for longer periods.

  • Turn any available space into a meditation area – the deck or patio, the bathroom, a corner of the room, while on the bus or train, out by a favorite spot in nature. Ideally, you want to pick a spot where you'll not be disturbed. Consistently return to that same place and your subconscious mind will positively anticipate what’s coming next.

Preparing to Meditate

  • The objective is to be relaxed but alert. It helps to anchor your practice by focusing on your deep, regulated breath, or a sacred word or phrase (mantra), an object such as a candle flame, or a body part, or an inanimate object, to which you can return your attention when you've noticed your mind has wandered.

  • If you feel antsy and distracted perhaps begin your meditation with gentle movements or stretches and then become a witness to your breathing

  • Be clothed in your right mind – that’s the only dress code! That is, set a clear intention to meditate. Having said that, you may want to ensure that your clothing is comfortable and unrestricted.

  • Ensure you are physically comfortable in your meditation position or environment. Have a blanket or shawl handy, as deep relaxation cools the body temperature drops. Remove the blanket if you become too warm or feel sleepy.

  • Avoid strong scents and perfumes, especially if meditating with a group.

  • Where possible, avoid meditating around lots of electrical or electronic equipment.


Tune In 

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