Testimonials about Touching the Stillness and Paulette Pipe

“I can’t say enough about these wonderful meditation CDs! Rev. Paulette’s soothing voice, and the words she uses, easily brings me to a quiet place of peace and calm. I always recommend her CDs to other people. I have given them as a gifts to many others too. They all tell me how much they help to truly relax and feel connected to Spirit. I love her CDs so much that I play some of them all night long while I sleep.”
— Diane P., Sandwich, Illinois
“The Touching the Stillness meditation CD is the best thing I’ve ever come across! Although I’ve been a Unity “student” for thirty-seven years, meditation is not an easy thing for me to do, but now that I have found this CD I can immerse myself and be transported into a blissful state of peace. I use this CD daily... what can I say, I’m addicted to it!”
— Maria C, Huntington Beach, California
I listen to the new Touching the Stillness podcasts on Unity Online Radio every week. After a long day at work it’s the perfect way to unwind and become centered again. Paulette’s voice is soothing and delightful and her shows are always interesting. I feel like I know her because she shares so much of her loving heart; and her guidance is truly a beacon of light for me.
— Diana R., Phoenix, Arizona
Thank you for your programs on Unity Online Radio and the guided meditations in particular. Your love for what you do creates an inspiring energy that is evident in your respect for and receptivity to your guests, your choice of topics, and your comments to your listeners. Your singular and resonant voice, loving attitude, and spiritual perspectives do much to add to my spiritual growth… and as a result I’ve seen measurable change in my relationship to God, others, and myself.
— Edward P., Pensacola, Florida
“Wow! What an awe-inspiring experience.This was my first experience of your Silent Retreat and it’s deliberate, conscientious practices made me appreciate each moment. Thank you for the gifts, the blessings, the music, the stretching, the meditation, the prayers and the practice of stillness. Thank you, too, for creating an environment in which to experience such magnificence! ”
— Anon ( Retreat Evaluation Form)
“The retreat with Paulette was a phenomenal experience for me! I cannot say enough about how well it was organized, the wide variety of activities, and the mixture of down time. A very positive, loving environment; I didn’t want to leave! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
— Anon (Retreat Evaluation Form)