Blissful Stillness

Blissful Stillness will not disappoint! In addition to Rev. Paulette’s signature alchemical voice, and a new instrumental sound by Kelley Hunt, it includes a bonus vocal track created especially for the album; and a title vocal track by Kathy Zavada. Experience a blissful immersion into quiet and stillness by ordering your copy today. Program Length: 77:00 minutes


Resting in Stillness

Whether listened to one at a time, or as one consecutive meditation, the mesmerizing tracks on this album will transport you to a sacred resting place of stillness. So go ahead, push pause on your life and allow these three distinctive soulful meditations to bring you into a state of peace. Featuring music by Kelley Hunt – including bonus song Touch the Stillness. Program length: 72:00 minutes


Touching the Stillness

This soothing CD will transport you beyond thought and sound into a deep enthrallment of stillness.  Heralded as an album that evokes deep peace, it's spellbinding tracks are often used as a healing or sleep aid. So much so, it is advised this CD not be used while driving or operating machinery. CD length: 62:37 minutes