Dance Your Own Dance Meditation


It’s called Dance Your Own Dance for a reason!

“One of the fastest ways to move to stillness is to move your body”
— Gabrielle Roth, 5-Rhythms

Engage in this mindful moving meditation with the freedom to dance your own dance as though no one is watching. No one is.

Find your own rhythm and dance in free-flowing movement to various genres of high energy and lyrical sacred beats and inspired chants in a safe space.

Dance the dance that expresses how you’re feeling in the moment – self-conscious, tender, vulnerable, joyful, ecstatic.

Any cares and self-conscious worries will melt away in the fluidity of your movement where, in a safe environment, you allow yourself to move past your usual stopping place and, instead, be led into a deep meditation and experience of blissful stillness.

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